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A Poorly Designed Website

Will Hurt Sales and Business Growth

Big Problem #1

It only takes 7 seconds to convince clients that you are professional and credible.

Big Problem #2

Professional custom built websites cost an average of $5,400 and is too expensive for small businesses & startups. .

Big Problem #3

An average website firm takes 12-14 weeks to build. Thats way too long..

Our Solution

The Invention of the Hybrid Website

The Henry Ford Idea

Why are websites so expensive?? One day we had an idea, why not lower the cost but keep the quality, but how? Then we saw an article about Henry Ford and Model T, and then everything changed.

The Hybrid Website

Straight custom coding is very expensive, but website templates like Wix and Weebly are very limited. What if we can create a Hybrid Website? All great website have the same basic principles so why not build those from scratch but then create a system that is completely custom to your business. That’s what we specialize in.


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